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Hello. Another week has passed, and another opportunity has come for me to reflect on things to be grateful for. But looking at 3 years ago, I am reminded of a riveting experience but is so amazing for me--a live show. My favorite is the performance by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. I first saw this group in Denver. I am drawn to their story and acts as they gracefully move from swing to swing, suspended in the air most of the time, or "acrobatting" in big productions platforms, sinking ships, or whatever their plot is as I hold my breath most times hoping they keep themselves safe. Their performance is flawless. I am glad I got to see their shows twice. 

This week is supposed to be my family's reunion in Las Vegas for my mother's birthday. She cannot fly overseas because of restrictions. We want to keep her healthy. I am grateful enough for her health and that no one in our family is severely affected by it healthwise.

As we take things kinda slow and mostly indoors, here's the rest of my "thankfuls:"

  • I am thankful for indoor plants that do not only add color in the house but clean air.
  • Have you heard that it is good to have a minimum of 1 plant to every 100 square feet of your home for air purification? Whether that is a myth or a fact, my hydroponic tower alone has 36. With my other plants, I have at least 51 for a 2,400 square feet home. I am thankful for the probable-cleaner-air in the house.
  • I am thankful that many of my indoor plants are hardy and low maintenance. Watering once a week is very doable.

  • My hydroponic planter and seedlings are doing well. The left is about two weeks old, the right is one week old. 
  • I harvested two tomatoes. They are perfect. 
  • I have more eggplants, cucumbers, and peppers coming.
  • The potato plants I grew from old store potatoes are doing well. I added more soil to mountain them. (My $17 potato seeds I bought has not produced seedlings yet).
  • Yummy shakes delivery to our door.
  • Mealtime app to guide me on what meals to prepare with free grocery service. I just have to pick up the groceries while waiting in the parking lot. The veggie burrito bowl was so delish!
  • Pick up service for donating items we do not use anymore.
  • Good pup app dog training service. Wally, my border collie improved so much and not barking on every living thing passing on the street. I like the app so much, I will gift a subscription to my son who just got a puppy.
That is all for now until next week.


  1. I had read about plants being good air purifiers in homes and that it is nice to be able to have a plant in each room if possible.
    A Good Pup App sounds like a very helpful app to have, especially at a time when people are not able to get out much because of COVID-19 restriction.
    Your flowers are so pretty!

  2. Una, when she was young, tended to bark a lot, especially at night. They are driven by instinct to protect the territory and, I think, once they come to believe that the territory is secure the barking seems to diminish.
    Una finally accepted that we have her back (when it comes to guarding the pack) and doesn't bark nearly as much at night.
    Of course, the deer and the rabbits that she can see out the window during the day, are an other matter entirely. lol
    Have a good week ahead.

  3. I wish my indoor plant thumb were green. I've tried but I'm better with outdoor plants.


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