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Hello, hello. We're passed the middle of the year. How different this year has been so far. I only hope it will get better with more peace and good health needed around us. I understand we cannot totally control the world if at all. But I can improve myself and hopefully positively influence others.

My little grandson turned 15 months and can walk faster now while he plays with his toys holding one with the right and the other with his left hand. Every time he falls, he gets back up on his feet quickly without crying and asking for help. He has grown so much in less than two years. He is easy to please, and smiles from the simplest things--a cup of fruit, playtime with family, a new toy . . . He likes to do things independently and asks in his own way for assistance when he needs it.

I can smile too with the simplest things around me and be grateful for what I have. I have many blessings so far. We are healthy, we have food on the table, we have jobs, we have a loving family.
My planned vacations that I set 1-3 years ago, all got canceled and got replaced with staycations. I put more time into leisurely walks and gardening instead, and so far, it's been fruitful. I am no near self-sustaining. It's the other way around. I spent more money on soil, seeds, plants, and planters combined in exchange for the small harvest. But the joy of seeing I can grow something, even mushrooms, is gratifying and a real stress reliever.
I have a sole eggplant, tomatoes, and herbs. I even harvested some strawberries that my grandkids enjoyed. I have many more gardening duties to do, mostly pruning.

This year is my tenth anniversary with Paul as a couple. We are finally sharing a home, and now I have a bigger backyard to get busy with. Our children are not surprised. Our friends are not either. It is more like, "finally." It is the unspoken word, but they look happy, just the same. We are getting married!

I admitted 2-critically ill COVID-19 patients this week. Patients are still trickling in, and most of them get better. Generally, the COVID census stays low, so that's reassuring.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! That is exciting news!

  2. Congratulations!
    It is good that most of the COVID patients are getting better in your area.
    I think we tried to grow an eggplant just once. It either didn't do well or we weren't that fond of eating it. I don't remember which it was.

  3. Congratulations on your wedding and 10 years together ❤ Staycations are the thing for reals.

  4. I missed linking in this week but enjoyed all the visits. Your little one is precious. They grow so quickly. Congratulations to you too. Nice to read and see happiness and thankfulness. HUGS across the miles


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