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Productivity Tips from the Master (Yet Successful) Procrastinator

I may be a procrastinator but I did accomplish a lot. This is my bragging moment. So please let me.

This week, I went over my tools for sanity and productivity. So I decided to write my gratitude on the productivity and lifestyle apps I used to get by last year and this year, 2020. How about some productivity tips from your very own master of procrastination who accomplished a lot from my goals list last year? Here I go.

babies can be stress relievers. Play with your baby.

I am grateful (again) about my phone camera that is very accessible to take quick pictures. Snapping shots of happy moments are so much fun. I don't always have time to write, but a few seconds of taking pictures, I have time for.
I am grateful for my grandson, who makes me smile. I “put him to sleep” in my arms. But as soon as I put him to bed, he quickly removed the blanket, got up, and laughed at me. The little stinker! What can I say? Babies can be so much fun, especially that I can just borrow occasionally and not take full responsibility.

Hydrate, track activities, stay active with Dick's Sporting Goods Store. Productivity and self-care tip.

The $10 reward I got from Dick’s store. I was debating about Yeti and Hydro Flask. I picked Yeti on sale and dishwasher safe. Since I got it, I feel motivated to drink more for some reason. A hydrated body is an energized body ready to conquer routine-boring-work.
I track my steps through Fitbit and earn points with it to Dick’s store. $10 is not enough for the Yeti bottle, but I still had to pay less because of it. The reward alone motivates me to move my feet and get going.

Tracking healthy activities will have with productivity and motivaiton

I began to track my activities (steps, weight-checks, tracking food, reading mindfulness, productivity, stress relievers) that I already earned $150 so far. I can potentially earn around $800 this year. I thank my employer for sponsoring this. Hey, a less-stressed employee is a productive employee. This year we are using the Virgin Pulse app. So far, so good. Hey, who does not want to get rewarded for doing healthy activities?
I thank my gym, Planet Fitness. It is affordable and my black card membership includes the use of massage machines. Love them.

use apps for meditation, productivity, motivation

Some of the motivation apps I used right on my phone.

  • HabitBull paid subscription to track my routines, Achievement where I also earn money to Paypal for tracking healthy activities, the Calm app from work, 1-year premium subscription I use for meditation. 
  • Swarm is where I check in to healthy places and earn points that link to Achievement. 
  • Donate is where I donate pictures for $1, each applicable to organizations of my choice. Save the Children is my favorite cause. I donate some digital images and Johnson & Johnson match each for a dollar. Giving is good for my soul. It makes me feel good. 
  • The Insight Timer is another meditation app I use. I vary my meditation apps to eliminate boredom. 
  • The Lotus Yoga app is one of the paid apps I purchase on Yoga. I like the clear videos that go with it. Oh, yeah, we know that yoga is good for stretching and physical and emotional stress.

I used Google calendar and Dream Book Planner to log my daily reasons to be thankful and to plan my days so I get to concentrate on the most important tasks.
And last but not the least, I thank this blog and the Ttot team for a chance to share my gratitude for the week. Both systems inspire me!

What are my accomplishments in 2019?  Here are some:

1. I purposely lost weight thru careful food choices and tracking my steps. I succeeded.
2. I made time for a Hawaii vacation without other families except for Paul. We had such a great time with no drama. The beaches are the best I have seen in my life.
3. I passed Statistics with a B. For a subject that is super hard for me; I say I had an excellent grade.
4. I earned my Cardiac Surgery Certification for work. I am the only one in my unit to have the CSC title.
5. I took and passed five advanced nursing courses while working full-time.
6. I earned excellent reviews at work and got a raise.
7. I bumped up the monthly retirement contribution that I was dreaming about for many years. I finally did it to my goal.
8. I got to do a weekend visit in Oregon and Washington while doing schoolwork with my Laptop in between.
9. I got to visit friends and family over the summer and had time to bond in California.
10. I got to visit Omaha, Nebraska exactly a year ago and got to eat in excellent restaurants.
11. I got to visit Florida for a nursing convention combined with pleasure visiting Coco beach.
12. I earned my bachelor's degree in nursing. (I had an associate for a while). This is my 3rd degree.
I had a good 2019 — productive and exciting many times. Life was good.

There is always room for improvement. Among other things, this year, 2020, I plan to make punctuality a habit and do more self-care to build up my resiliency. I also plan to read at least 30 books this year. This does not include the nursing books I need to read for Masters. Have you viewed my sidebar and footer?

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Wowie!! Great accomplishments and resources!!

  2. You had a wonderfully successful year! So many good things.
    The Fitbit really is helpful for me tracking so many things.
    Oh, those little ones who trick their grandma's into thinking they are fast asleep! :-)

  3. How wonderful! Congratulations, and i am going to be looking into that Sleep Cycle app.

  4. Excellent (and busy) year! And, with that kind of core strengths, surely the year ahead will be as productive and healthful.
    Have a good week!

  5. What a great year 2019 was for you! I'm happy that the TToT made your list; I'm glad it is helpful!


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