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Please Save Me from "F"

It's February It's a great time to be Freely writing and word finding Fun words for you to see
As often, the visual me Have to find some inspirations To add for considerations To help with my creation
A flower collage seems like a good fit With my daughter above  Donning our fuschia knits

Below it is us sharing some food To  the right are some flowers
That help boost my mood
And lastly, it's Snowball Our furball who's small He may not be that tall But he sure can growl
From here I will stop And boldly, I ask If you're 65 and up Will you help me out?
Please answer some questions For around four minutes I'll compensate you for  your time (As you save me from getting an F) For my college class online.

Here's the link: Survey
As of now, 2/14/2018, 5pm MST, I got enough participants. So thank you guys for reading.