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A Walk in the Park: Addenbrooke

Week of Painting

Simple Ways to Bank Happiness

It's the letter H week. What an inspiration to write on happiness.

I am working on building my reserves. Over the span of many years, I have been burdened with stress that made my happy bank empty. I compiled a list of things I do and will do to make me happy.

21 Lakewood Parks with Restrooms

I like going to the park while taking my time walking with my dogs, and enjoying looking at whatever nature (or man-made beauty) has to offer. I am also getting old and in need of access to the restroom anywhere I go like every couple of hours or more often after a drink or coffee or tea). :)

Ceramic Painting

Podcast linked below. Please click below. Ceramic Painting

D is For Dogs

Inspired by ABC Wednesday and The Art Challenge, I am posting about my dogs tonight. And in the interest of time, an easy and quick entry for the art challenge is using what I already have--the pictures from today and the other day with my dogs.

Book Character

Not just a character, but as a real person who portrayed the role of Anne Frank in real life, this girl left a permanent mark in my heart.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Hey, the link is still open!
I am virtually running to submit my artwork here (if you can call it artwork) before the door closes. It is the third of the month and I am linking my first entry.